3 reasons why you should move to DigitalOcean now!

by MiKe-Dee • November 25, 2013 • Comments Off

I recently decided to address to a Cloud VPS hosting service in order to perform some tests on the Controllers from Ubiquiti, Unifi, mFi, airVision etc. While looking for a reliable Cloud VPS provider I found out that this sport is a little bit expensive, low performance servers could cost from 20 dollars/month while in that price, the best service you could get is from an unreliable provider. In Greece Cloud VPS hosting is still very expensive so I had to find a reliable provider with good performance and support outside Greece. I usually don’t take too seriously Facebook ads but while I was on the quest of a server I clicked on DigitalOcean‘s ad. A new digital world unfold before me. [Read More…]

BufferApp: social media management for your small business

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Since I started working as a freelancer over a year ago, I tried to keep a descent social media presence for my business trying to keep all my channels informed on:

  1. What services I offer
  2. Completed or ongoing projects
  3. Interesting posts sometimes I find that support my kind of business
  4. Re-posts from friendly businesses I cooperate with

I must say, keeping your social media channels up to date, is not an easy task when one already works full-time and in addition works as a freelancer.

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Digital Ocean droplets administration through Android apps

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I discovered Digital Ocean’s droplets after the world of Ubiquiti’s cloud applications unfolded before me. After my first experiments on unifi and mfi I started using Digital Ocean regurarly as I combined the droplets with my regular monitoring on networks. Recently I discovered that Android’s Play Store has three applications available. [Read More…]

Google Camera app with new features for KitKat Android devices

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Since I cannot always carry my Nikon D60 camera with me I use Android’s camera a lot. Today Google announced Android’s Camera stand alone application on Play Store but this is available only for devices using Kitkat 4.4 or higher. On this new update you can find two new great features, Lens Blur and Photo Sphere. [Read More…]

Pockethernet: The Swiss army knife for Network administrators

by MiKe-Dee • February 27, 2014 • Comments Off


I have been looking for a reliable network cable tester as the 10$ device I bought from e-bay really saved me from some trouble but with Netrific rising, I need something more than a wiremap test. I always fell on really expensive devices which cost approximately 500€ or more, a cost that a startup company can’t afford.

Recently I discovered the Pockethernet, two ambitious young engineers from Germany really kicked cable testers to a higher level! [Read More…]

How to cope with Cisco’s CCNA Certification

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When I completed my Master of Science program I had already realised that this is exactly the field I wanted to evolve, computer networks. I started to investigate my next steps and came down to the result that Cisco’s certifications are the only way to achieve both practical and theoritical strong background, so I joined Cisco Networking Academy and enrolled at CCNA Route & Switch course.
In the beginning, network fundamendals seemed easy, as I have covered most of the theory at the MSc but when I had to deal with Routing, Switching and WAN a brand new world unfoled before me. Studying wasn’t easy, keeping track with class for both theory and labs require a lot of effort and time. [Read More…]